Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unlikely Mascara, Stetsons, Notebooks, and Gurus!!

hah! Rule No. 1 of Blogging Successfully: "have an intriguing title that draws them in out of curiosity"... ;)

Well, some things my addled brain, (a phrase I picked up from talking to margo lol) had forgotten to blog about in recent weeks...

  1. On easter Saturday I went to my brother's house (David, father of my nephew Jacob, both seen here , he is married to Sarah) to celebrate his 30th birthday, which was on March 14th. To celebrate, sarah and david hosted a Murder Mystery Party, complete with clues given to each person and a character they were to portray. Each person had been given costume ideas aswell to arrive in. Food was put out on the back table as a buffet, and we had to mingle asking questions to try and discover who the murderer was. The murder was set in a small town in the Wild West, so inevitable southern cowboy accents were tried by several of the guests, and we all had a great laugh!! There were 14 of us all together, and many laughs at dubious accents and funny clues were had!! My character was "Thomas Forge" the local blacksmith, so to prepare I worte old jeans and a black top, and used some of sarah's mascara on my face and arms to look as if I was covered in soot and ash, and had been working tirelessly as a hot smithy! The food was great and many stetsons were worn and accents put on, it was a really good night, with lots and lots of hysterical laughter, especially at the clothing...
  2. I have decided that I get my best ideas for blogging when i am nowhere near a computer or when it is not practical to blog, so I have decided to purchase a "blogging notebook", pocket sized that can fit in a small pocket with a tiny pen, so when inspiration comes I can scribble away.... yes, it is immensley sad, but I don't care!! When I have hundreds of blog posts a day that are witty, intelligent and well-edited and thought through, who'll be laughing then? eh? eh?
  3. Last week a customer with a dublin accent came in to the shop and asked for me by name, which was a bit worrying. Then, even more worryingly, he asked if we could have a private chat!! It turned out that he wasn't a representative from the IRA come to assasinate me, but that in actual fact, a friend of his (who I still haven't figured out the identity of!) suggested he come talk to me because my dad's a Pastor!! I was a bit taken aback, but we talked his issue through, and he left saying it had been helpful. It was only after he left that i suddenly realised I should have offered to pray for him briefly, but it just didn't enter my mind at the time. Anyhow, I still haven't found out who "reccomended" me, and am a bit worried that it'll happen again! I don't mind talking to and praying for people, I've done it quite a bit in the shop, over all sorts of things, but when people have problems they need specific professional help over, I'm at a bit of a loss. We'll have to wait and see whether it happens again this week...
  4. A VERY smelly lady has come into the shop just before who I know quite well, who normally needs encouragement and littel chats, the problem is, she smelt so bad today that I had to breathe through my mouth, which is very difficult when you're also talking!! I must have looked like a goldfish or someone with severe mental problems, but I knew if I got one more whiff of her odour, I would be sick there on the spot!! Lol I think it's funny that I pray for God to give us grace in the morning before we open up, and then he tests me on it a little while later!!
  5. I woke up happy this morning, due to a conversation I had last night. I've been waking up very happy a lot this week, and even if I have bad days, that's at least a good thing.

That's it for now, i have to go, lunch-time is finished!!



  1. I am SO confused. Your smaller post regarding your change of blog appeared before the larger one! Argh I can't cope!

    Your blogs always make me smile JM - just because they're you and your thoughts - and you're just, well, you're brilliant!

  2. I know!

    *smiles smugly an trips over his own ego*


  3. I know!

    *smiles smugly an trips over his own ego*


  4. Twice, JM!? Goodness.

    Once is probably enough :P

  5. I'm torn between reading blogs and getting my butt into chat and msn because I've only got a couple hours before prayer meeting. But I'm going to try and do both!

    I LOVE this post. :o Oh m'gosh. lol Here's what I like--you with a blog idea notebook. It's not at all silly. It's smart. A writer wouldn't be caught dead without an idea notebook and pen on her person. (I say 'her' not because I am feminist or politically correct, but because I am a woman and I hate to put 'him' when I'm the only writer involved here, and quite frankly this paranthetical note is getting way too long.) I found out today that I have the same issue--I've had about 4 good blog ideas and not a chance to blog.

    Accents. Stetsons. Hee hee. Would have loved to have been there. I'll have to show you pictures of some of the murder mystery games we've done. Me at about age 7 all dressed up like a cow girl. :p

    Why is there an ant crawling on my usb hub?


    Oh, yeah, smell customers. Would not have wanted to be there.

    People asking for advice--yeah that can be weird if you don't know who sent them. Well, maybe the person didn't want to be known. I've actually done similar things. Maybe I should learn from this. *always send referal name so as not to creep out poor guy*

    Over and out.