Saturday, June 28, 2008


Long time no blog I know.

Megan and I have had so much to do, so many documents to file, so much internet research and phonecalls, and so much busyness...

But it's all paid off!!

Megan was granted her 2 year Visa to live in the UK as my Spouse yesterday!!!

We're so excited and so pleased, there just aren't the words!!

Because of a technical hitch we didn't know about, Megan has only 28 days to enter the UK from yesterday, so she will be coming over to visit for a week or so before the end of July! She could wait until after the wedding and the honeymoon, but that then has a knock on effect of reducing her two years because we didn't realise we could post-date the visa.

Her visa has multiple entries in it, so she can visit the U.S. as often as she wants during the next two years, and return to the U.K. We were worried at one stage that when she got the Visa, she wouldn't be able to go home for two years, but thankfully that was mis-information!

After all our prayers and worrying, her visa was granted in three days!!! God has been very good to us, and those of you out there in the blogging world who have prayed or held us in your thoughts, whether briefly or contsantly, thank you so, so much!

I'm off to be domestic and clean, as I've got a day off today!!

I will try and keep more up to date with blogging now that all the Visa stuff is over, and work is starting to calm down a bit.

Oh yeah, work.

Hmmmm. Far far too much has happenned in work over the last few months to explain in a sentence, so I'll post on that and on my general health in the next blog...

Only 40 days to go until I'm married!!!