Sunday, December 25, 2005

Possible Future Olympic Sport...

Sick of turkey?

Try penguin....


Santa Game


Need a Challenge?

Like Yodelling, hate Santa?

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All The Best Everybody...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Not Long Now!!!

I'm really excited, I love Christmas!

I've got a day off today, and have cleaned my room, and am wrapping presents. I feel all christmassy!

I'm still waiting for one present to arrive from the catalogue, and I'm a bit worried it won't turn up in time for Christmas. I actually ordered it over a week and a half ago, but i guess they just must be busy.

I've got all my presents for my family, I've just got to get four small presents for four of my freinds. I was hoping to do that today, as i was expecting to get paid, but we haven't been paid yet which is VERY annoying. That means I'll have to run round like a lunatic during my lunch break over the next two days.

Oh well.

I haven't been doing much on my days off this month, it's been so stupidly busy in the shop that I just relax when I'm off, as I feel I need it. I slouch around in my "comfy but wudnt be seen dead in outside the house" clothes, and drink lots of coffee, eat mince pies, and do my washing and generally be domestic. That's how the rest of my day off will pan out, I'll put some more washing in, I and I might even go to the gym, I haven't been for two weeks, I've been that tired after work!

Then again, I could go and see King Kong..., Hmmmm... Will have to think about it I think.

I'm going to my small group tonight, we're having a social at Cliff & Sylvia's house. Hopefully it should be good, although I've been in a bit of strange mood lately and prefferred my own company and avoided groups of people like the plague. I dunno whether it's just me gettin older and a bit more detached and independant from others or whether it's a last vestige of my depression. Well, I'll just have to put my own selfish feelings aside and go tonight. Hopefully I'll enjoy it.

Well, I'm off to wrap presents....


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Lights Extreme!!!

Click on the title of this post and turn up ur speakers...

Lol this is what Christmas Lights were made for...

Lol lol lol

Thanks to Jacks for sending me it, it made my day!!


I'm still alive...

Haven't blogged for ages sorry. Just been too plain knackered, and working hard.

Kitchmas is definitely upon us, as the shop is stupidly busy and i only have time for two full cups of tea a day!! That's disgraceful I say. Bring in the Unions...

What's the point of a job if you can't enjoy a good cup of tea and a digestive eh?

Anyway, today is my day off, so I'm wrapping presents today. As I'm a klutz and am applaling at wrapping, I am getting the assistance of a professional. (my gran, who's over from ireland for a few weeks) I've got a special wrapping pack this year complete with bows, ribbon and tissue paper, and am gonna make sure my presents to my siblings are the best (in terms of wrapping anyway) ever in this house.

I think I'm gonna have to take pictures for people to see lol.

I was away to visit Ali last weekend, and had a brilliant time. She's great. I met her freinds, because her brother in law was having his 30th party, all of them are clinically insane, so I fitted in really well!! We played a very raucous board game after most of the guests had had copious amounts of alchohol, which was fun. I learnt that if you shout the word "testacles" long enough as an answer, eventually you're given points even if it isn't right, purely on the basis of amusement and persistance!! lol

Naturally we had girls v's boys, and because it was a game where you had to describe a word, the girls obviously won, despite huge cheating from the lads lol. There was another pk there (pastors kid) and everyone said they could tell, cos we knew the most norty words to shout out as answers.!!


I had bad hair problems all weekend, and my vanity reached new levels, which frustrated me. I think it just made Ali laugh! Her sister and brother in law are really freindly people and we got on well. Her niece is the cutest thing shorter than me I've ever seen!

I had a brilliant weekend, and can't wait to visit again. I also discovered that eating chips bought in Yarmouth at the seaside in paper cones with garlic mayo on a crispy cold windy day while listening to a Salvation Army Brass Band playing Christmas Carols whilst sitting next to a beautiful girl who you like and who (hopefully!) likes you is the closest thing to heaven I've ever experienced.

Ali you gave me a great weekend. xx