Friday, July 20, 2007

My Entire Childhood. In One Film!

That's right.

Tommorrow will be the entire memory of my whole childhood that i can remember, starting at eight, and going right through till about 14.


Nuff said!!

*is looking forward to it very much*


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer's Here!!

At Last!!

The British Summer has ended, and the days of rain, hail, and snow have hopefully finished!

I've been off all week, as I had to use a week of leave up, so I've been nice and relaxed and chilled, which I needed to be honest!

I've done really domestic things all week, and hardly left the house. One thing I would like to highlight to all you bloggers is to go and check this site out.

It's the website of International Justice Mission which I've just started a monthly standing order to, to support. There are still 27 million people in slavery at the moment globally, and IJM seeks to work alongside lawyers and attorneys who help to free the oppressed and literally defend the orphan and the widow. Many people in developing countries arent aware of the laws that are set in place to defend them, and many widows and orphans become victims of greedy in-laws who seize the property and legacies that are actually theirs by right. IJM seeks to right these wrongs, and offer a legal service alongside it's partners to help them win these cases, and be on the side of true Justice.

Basically, IJM is a Christian Human Rights Organisation, started by it's founder Gary Haugen, who was the U.N. Director Of Investigations in 1994, after the Rwandan Genocide.

They're a really worth-while organisation, and have offices all over the world, including the UK and the US.

The UK website for IJM is here.

Another organisation that is worth looking at is here.

Compassion International works with local communities and offers a sponsorship program to release children from poverty, and help with education opportunities.

The UK site is here.

The Bible teaches all the way through that to follow God is to care about Justice and Righteousness, and to care about how we live and interact with people. Giving aid, sponsoring children, supporting human rights organisations, all these are ways for us in the West to do our part and use the resources that God has given us.

Please go and check out these websites.

Please go and check them out, they do an amazing work.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


A member of staff has been carrying a usb MEMORY stick around on a necklace type thingy for the past half hour because she forgot it was there!!!

Am I the only one in the world who finds this extremely hillarious and ironic?!



Monday, July 09, 2007

What A Way To Go!!! :D

I've just very nearly killed myself witha Thorntons Large Chocolate Ice Cream.

*deep satisfied sigh*

When I asked for large I didn't realise they meant three scoops!!!

I Hate Mondays

That's all I have to say.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mellowing Out & Catching Up...

Well, it's been a busy few weeks for me in the shop, and I haven't blogged very much either because of a lack of energy or inspiration.

I've had stocktakes, month end accounts to do, yesterday in work I priced up seven boxes weighing approximately 700 kg which contained boxed gifts to go out in the sale, and also this week on Tuesday I lifted approximatley 1000kg in total over the afternoon of boxes and orders, put them into cages in the loading bay of the shopping centre, and got the lift up to the back of the shop, befcause the lorry driver/delivery guy seemed incapable of helping me.

Overall, it's been a thoroughly exhasuting and frustratin tow weeks, and I'm glad most of it is over. I've done a whole shop promotion changeover this last week aswell, and this next week ahead of me I have more gifts to pricepoint and pile up in boxes. The week after, with it being near the end of July, I'll expect to slowly start getting dribs and drabs of Christmas stock coming in, both boxed cards and individula ones, and gifts. It just never seems to end at the moment.

I'm relieved this week though because my Boss is on holiday and so is off all week. That sounds a very nasty thing to say, but my boss is a good man, but a workaholic. Most people seem to have a wall that they seem to hit before they will stop whatever they're doing and take a rest, but my boss doesn't seem to have that capability, and works and works till something is done and finished. While that is a very admirable quality in a manager and a senior manager, it is very exhausting for me, whose energy levels are suspect at the best of times...

For the last two weeks, I've spent my day off during the day mostly sleeping or just chilling out recharging my batteries for the week ahead, and that's what I'm doing now. I'm listening to Diana Krall, (jazz/easy listening always seems to relax me) and just about to go make myse;lf a lemon and ginger tea, while writing emails, blogging and hopefully reading in about half an hour's time.

Life just seems to be constant projects and stress and work related stuff, punctuated with brief moments of respite. It's ok though, because just when I'm starting to feel the pinch of burnout, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because I have a whole week off next week, (from the 14th) and I'm really looking forward to that immensley!! Lot's of sleeping in, lots of relaxing and doing absolutely nothing apart from excercising and reading and surfing on the net!! I may even go over to visit my family in belfast for a few days, we'll wait and see.

here's hoping I can get through this week without too much stress spoiling my break....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"These Are The Day-hays Of Noah"

A well known UK worship song tune, nicked by me and re-written to describe this week generally speaking...

These Are The Day-hays Of Noah

These are the day-hays of Noah, but not in the way you might think;
For Britain was always an island, but now we're close to the drink;
Oh these are the days of great rainfall, of flooding and water extreme;
And we are the people caught up in it, we are the ones you hear scream:

"Behold it comes! pouring from the sky! not a bird in sight, theyre clever enough to hide! Lift your brolly, it's the year of sipping tea, to try to warm us up, and console our soaking feet!"

These are the day-hays of Noah, H20 being restored;
And these are the days of endless precipitation, making our britishness raw;
Oh these are the days of great brollys, so big they can cut off your head;
And these are the days of the great big wussy's, deciding they'll bunk off work instead;

"Behold it comes! pouring from the sjy! not a bird in sight, they're clever enough to hide! Lift your brolly, it's the year of sipping tea, to try to warm us up, and console our soaking feet!"

I thank you.

Thos brits out there may hum this tune all day in your head if you so wish.

Monday, July 02, 2007


I'm aware I haven't blogged for a while. I'm having a bit of a mare at the moment, work is just stupidly stupidly busy, and I have a ton of projects/reports/stuff to do and a petty petty beast of a man as my manager.

I'm pretty peed off at the moment, so my apologies but I can't blog until these next few days are over and my mood has changed significantly.