Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Me and My Meg :-D

This picture was taken in Ireland, when we went on our coach trip around the Antrim Coast.

I'm so grateful to God for letting me meet and propose to this beautiful, intelligent, fun joy-filled woman.

She's everything I want and I'm still amazed she said yes!

I can't wait to see her on Boxing Day, and to marry her in August.


Those of you who pray, do it!!

I've just found out:

The interviews for the job Im applying for are on 13th december...


Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, life is speeding along at an incredible pace at the moment, and I don't just mean because it's approaching Christmas!

I've just got engaged in the last month to a stunningly beautiful girl who's also my best friend, (yeh, yeh I know get the sick bags out!!) and I'm also applying for a new role in work...

My boss has given in his notice for New years eve as his last day, and so I've just applied for the Managers job at the shop. I reckon the interviews will be early December, so I should know by Christmas whether I've got it or not hopefully. I think I've got a good chance, having been with the company for ten years, and having worked as Senior Sales, Branch Supervisor and then Deputy Manager. We'll have to wait and see, I'll keep you posted! Obviously because I'm getting married, it would be great to get a new job and to have a rise in wages...

The other change is that at some point next year BEFORE the wedding, I'm gonna have to move out, and get a flat that both me and Meg are happy with, which is gonna be interesting since she's 4,000 miles away at the moment!! I'll have to have had my own adress for about two months I reckon, so that I have utility bills and a rental agreement to use as document evidence that I intend to travel back to the UK and not stay in the states after the wedding. Also, I'll need them so that Meg can apply for a Spouse Visa after we're married.

The good news is that apparently because I'm not applying to reside in the states after the wedding, I don't need to have a Fiance visa, but can simply go to the States on a normal tourist one I usually use, e.g. the Visa Waiver Program. So that's a big relief out of the way!

The biggest change for me obviously will be to get married and end my days as a single man. This is a huge thing for me, not just for the obvious sharing my life with meg, but also the fact that I have to knuckle down and start being responsible now, as I have to think of someone other than myself from then on. It's a huge commitment to make, proising to share your whole life until death with someone, but I'm confident that as long as we keep God at the centre we'll be fine. Besides, I've a feeling that marriage is going to be a very exciting adventure for both of us!! ;) :p

Anyway, off to work!!.....

Well, here it is...

It's not a very good picture 'cos it's a bit blurry... but that's it!!
Oh and the date I quoted previously was a Sunday in 2008... D'oh! So the actual date will be the 16th August lol

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Date Of Doom!!!!!!

It's been set.

No more excuses, no more days of spending money without thinking, no more hours of day-dreaming and wishing my life away....

The Date Of Doom has been set....

17th August 2008.

(I'm overjoyed really, viewers!! :p)


Thursday, October 25, 2007


Meg has gone home.

I kissed her goodbye at the airport very early this morning, and felt that a part of me just crumpled up right there on the floor.

I'm having a bad day in work and I know it's partly because I'm missing her already.

I know that we're getting married, and we both love each other, but this is the hardest thing I've had to face, being this far apart, that a webcam is the only option.

It'll be a long journey for her today; she left manchester at 9:30 and will be flying for 6 and a half hours till 4-40pm our time, and then an eight hour layover for her flight to Bangor tonight. it means she'll have been travelling for nearly 24 hours, so I guess she'll be sleeping for a while when she gets home!!

Off to work...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Anglo-American Relations!!

No, I'm not going to start a lengthy discourse on the subtleties of the American Right, or the nuances of Brownite Britain...

This is just a short note from me to say that Meg and I got engaged on Tuesday night!!!!!

A photo of the ring will be posted as soon as we get back from Northern Ireland, which is where we are at the moment, visiting family. For those who are interested, a brief description follows:

The ring is a nine carat white gold ring, with a dazzling blue topaz stone in the middle (9mm diameter apparently!) It has small diamonds all around the band.

We're both very happy, and we hope to get married next summer, though the exact date is unknown as yet, as we have the nasty and long drawn out process of visa applications, etc!!

Anyway, I'm off for a coach tour of the Antrim Coast now, I'll blog soon!!