Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is getting serious...

Ok, I got up an hour ago, and all I've done for the past 60 mins is read blogs and leave comments and post blogs...

I smell, I'm unshaven, still sitting here in my pj's and dressing gown, and I don't care!!


I think that I should go get a shower...

*toodles off*


  1. Yeah, I did happen to think you smelt rather awful actually.

    I'm also disapointed you weren't wearing pants on your head whilst wearing pj's and a dressing gown.

    Work on that please!

  2. Heh heh. I got back from Bangor at 12:30 am and fell into bed only to fight with the laptop for about 2 hours. Darn thing! Couldn't get a blog in edgewise until this morning.

  3. Btw ... I posted a comment on your blog about why women's shirts have buttons on the oposite side to men's shirts.

    And I thought you should know that the last word verification ALMOST said "tofu" but not quite.

  4. "my house - my air" that's my motto.

  5. Yo. I tried to make another comment but it apparently didn't take before this stupid thing crashed. Note the time--late:thirty! I can't sleep. :(

    Anyways ...

    Just read your 3 posts from Nov. 04 on "God, War, and the Cross." Very good thoughts. Definitely some controversial issues. But I have to say those are much more well put than someone in chat whom I won't name's blatant, "And I thought you were a thinking woman" when I stated my political position. (Teach me not to state them!)

    Roight. Blogger Wee Hour Spies out.

  6. That's sooo cool that your intials are MED lol it reminds of Quincy... even tho his were MD lol