Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Presents for (semi) Important People...

I've just come back from shopping!!

What and whom was I shopping for, you may ask in your delightfully childish curiosity?

Well, it was for my boss, whose birthday it is today, but who is back in tommorrow.

As a staff team, we have everyone's birthdays written in the shop diary so we all club together the day before and put some money in to buy a present, it usually works well. Except, I couldn't think of what to get my Boss, and neither could the others. He's one of these people who's hard to buy for, so in the end I've chosen:

  • a bottle of scotch whiskey (he appreciates his alchohol)
  • a packet of Werthers Originals (because he's old, and old people always love them hee hee! :p )
  • a box of Ferrero Rocher

I think that's not bad personally, though I loathed every minute of wandering aimlessly round the shops, even if it was in work time!!

1 comment:

  1. I think you did well. But I'll have to teach you the beauty of gift shopping while you are here. There's an art to it, somewhat like spying. We've a few birthdays in summer so I am sure I can come up with a victim for a case study. :p I pride myself in gift giving abilities. Which in a way is more frustrating than your plight because it's devlishly awful when you know you COULD find the perfect gift if you only had enough time, money, resources, etc. When buying for someone, I hate settling for 'one size fits all.' Unless it's chocolate. ;)