Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quiet, Tea, Healing Food, & My Sister...

In case you hadn't guessed by now, by the amount of posts to my blog today, it's VERY quiet in the shop today, in fact it's deathly...

We've probably only had about 40 customers all day today so far, I would think due to the extremely sunny weather outside. I can see lot's of sunshine outside, and even though it's actually quite cold, I think Spring has finally sprung: people seem happier, the winter moodiness that matched the weather has gone, and lots of people are having babies!!

I'm currently enjoying a nice cup of tea, while people-watching out of our window. (the shop is nearly all glass frontage, so you can see a lot). That brings me to one of the subjects of this post:


Once drunk exclusively in India & China, strangely it has become an icon of British Society. When the chips are down for chaps and chapesses, the first thing we do is make a good old cup of tea. When someone's had a nasty shock, or is in shock, even the medical professionals themselves say to have a cup of hot sugary tea. It is THE drink of choice for the aspiring individual, encourages creative thought, and provides a sense of alertness not as stark as a caffeine-induced 'high' of coffee...

While surfing the net this afternoon, I've found several startling tidbits of research information, that have confirmed what I already knew... having a Curry, and drinking a cup of tea is good for you!! If you don't believe me, click here.

and here.

and here!

Right, now the final part...

My sister, (whom I'm meeting to have tea with after work) is very talented and I thought you should all know, so go and listen to her songs....


Ok that's it.

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  1. Tea is lovely. (How was that for Brit speak, wot?!)

    My mom has always been a drinker of tea. Growing up, me and my siblings made fun of this. We found it embarassing in fact. I'm not sure why. I tried it a few times and hated it. In fact it sort of made me feel sick.

    It was not until a few years ago that I realized you are not supposed to drink tea the way my mom drinks it (piping hot, yes, but with no sugar and no milk.) When an English person informed how to do it semi properly, I became addicted. Hee hee. I like Earl Grey, Lady Grey, a few fruit flavors but they have gotta be really good, spiced chai, and sometimes breakfast tea if it's doctored up enough.

    Incidentally, I also realized that while as whole the United States is not as big on tea as England, my area is quite fond of the stuff. Our grocery stores boast more kinds of tea than anywhere else in the country. My friend Adrienne is from South Carolina, and when she came up here she had to stare at the tea section for about three hours. And she bought a lot to take home with her.

    The south, as you may know, is an area rife with drinkers of what's generally called "sweet tea." It's nasty, nasty stuff. Cold tea with sugar or honey and lemon usually as well. Very, very nasty. I do not recommend iced tea unless you get the canned kind that comes like CoolAid mix, like Lipton. :p

    Having said all that ...
    I belive you about the curry without opening the link. Spicey foods in moderation increase matabolism rate, which is almost always a good thing.