Saturday, April 14, 2007

Conversation List:

As I said, when it's quiet we usually just natter!!

Here are some of the conversation topics we have covered so far today:

  • The difference between a snog and a passionate kiss
  • Our ilnesses
  • People we like
  • Whether to have cookies or Thorntons ice creams this afternoon (that was an animated one, I decided to pull rank and go for both as I was paying lol)
  • Discussing a new CD that had come in
  • Talk about relationships we're either in, want to be in, or have been in
  • How boys just don't get hints from girls who like them
  • What Jm should (or shouldn't!) wear for his X Factor Audition
  • Singing Techniques
  • Annoying Customers
  • Personal Space and the need for it at all times!
  • How annoying it is to push through hordes of people on Race Day to get the train to work
  • Laura's Prom Dress she got at a bargain!
  • How we've closed the door when gfs/bfs were in our room, just to annoy and make our parents worry... hehe
  • How when said bf/gf's were there we've "watched films" but never seen a movie.... ;)
  • How annoying parents can be when they come into your room, sit on your sofa and want annoyingly deep conversations at innapropriate moments!!
  • VeggieTales Dance Mats!! - and how our churches shoul buy them as "resources" so that we can use them and not have to pay!! (they've just come in to stock)
  • What colour Jm should dye his hair for his X Factor Audition!!
  • How Laura washed her painting brush in her cup of Coke yesterday!!
  • How some of the other staff who work during the week are extremely annoying!!
  • A discussion about what conversations we've had today!!

It's been quite a full day today, this was all before 2pm!!!


  1. Ah ha ha ... I have to run so I'm gonna have to make this short even tho I have a million things to say.

    Personal space is SO important! :o LOL Dang it, it's the law. Well, I hug my sibs. And bug them. But only becuase they bug me. ;) And yes I did mean bug there, not hug. And I'm rambling.

    Right, k, my birthday's March 13, yeah. I'm a quarter of a dreadful century old. But age is only a number on your driver's license, like weight, only you guys don't do weight because you're weird like that.

    Oh, yeah casual hex. Yes, I think you're right ... I'll repent. I shouldn't be into that. :o

    Grrrr okay, I have to go ... I know there was something else important but I've lost it. I'll check back when I get home. Off to writer's group--the one where I'm usually the only person there under 45. The horror!

    Be good.

  2. Oh yeah! 52 cousins!!!!
    Shazam! :o

    Wow. I'm jealous. I thought I had a lot. On my mom's side I have 10 (but my family bumps it up to 16 grandchildren), and ony my dad's, um *counts* 10. But I have at least one step cousin, and my mom has a million cousins that are my generation because she has a step aunt.

    And are you playing fair, because I know you English people call everyone you're related to your cousins!! :p

    I'm gonna kidnap some of yours. I need more. And you gave me a super funny story idea.

  3. Who cares what the difference is between a snog and a passionate kiss?

    As I said yesterday when having coffee with some girlies... "God gave us lips and tongues for kissing; go forth and snog!" hehehe.

    I couldn't back up my quote scripturally, but hey ;-)

  4. Helen ... I could back it up. If you REALLY wanted me to ...

  5. Lol, Margo! I'm tempted to say both yes and no! As I quite like this whole "life according to Helen" thing. But at the same time... it would be kinda cool...