Sunday, April 15, 2007


  1. Awww, JM!

    I like this picture very much :-)

  2. Notice how all the ladies are the first to comment on photos...

    It's highly interesting!

    Whenever you post a photo I can't help but picture you as a Calvin Klein underwear model. Hey! Hey! That's what you get for wearing your pants on your head and generally being shameless! It's SO not my fault!

    I'm off to a recital. Talk later :p

  3. Arty what can brown do for you? :p

  4. I too would like to comment on this photo…

    The nose.

    What a finely chiselled nose it is. My father had one just like it when he was alive. The perfect slope, as noses sometimes are. It flares and wrinkles just as it should.


  5. Chiselled? in otherwords, you think I have a MASSIVE conk?!


  6. I cannot explain HOW glad I am that you said the word CONK, and not anything else.

    That is all I have to say.