Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Mandate From Liverpool Blogging Command Central...

All friends of mine with blogs, MUST post at least once a day, so I get some blog-whoring satisfaction for my voyeuristic tendencies...

I don't care how crap, or ill, or depressed, or happy, or sad you are... OR whether you have a bunion / headache / runny nose / malaria / aids / constipation... OR whether your car has broken down / vital organs have shredded/ mummy and daddy have disowned you from your inheritance... OR you've found out you're actually in fact an alien / related to mr blobby / gay / a christian / a circus performer / a bearded woman...

I WANT, nay NEED to know!!!

That IS the law.

That is all, my people...


  1. So... it's okay to blog if I'm related to Mr Blobby? Goodness, you evidently have NO standards.

  2. Wise decision young man. Though you have to "leave your comment" in order to not comment. So either way, you're commenting and contradicting yourself in a rather ridiculous manner!

  3. I blogged. Okay? lol But ... while you 'need to know' I need to have people comment! I'll cry if you don't. ;)

  4. ok ok I hang my head in shame as i haven't blogged yet today, but some of us have had to work and have only just got home