Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'd just like to say...

That I am impressed and delighted by my blogging friends, and very lucky to know them.

Helen has just started blogging, but already is thoughtful and hillarious, and makes me smile. She's the one person that has made me laugh out loud the most when I chat to her, and she loves to put spin on anything I say.... Oh, and usually.... she is right most of the time about anything, which is annoying! She has had struggles in life, but doesn't mention them much, as she has that quality we always want - integrity. She's also better looking than she knows herself.

Arty has been blogging for a long time, and is a bit of a professional at this... She's creative, and sassy at the same time, whilst sometimes moving me to tears with her writing.
She's the last of a dying race of people who are romantics at heart, and when she writes about Matt and her feelings for him, it gives me hope in a world where it's rare for two people to actually commit to love each other... In a word, she's frustratingly brash, vulnerable and honest all at the same time!! In otherwords... she's spanish ;) Oh, and shes good looking too!

Ant has also just started writing and is proving very funny and thoughtful, and I get the impression there's a lot more to come in terms of writing, that's under the surface at the moment... During our chats, he's revealed a depth of insight into people and God's dealings with them that's quite startling and very humbling... He's miles ahead in God's race than I am, although he would probably deny that, but I don't care, 'cos this is my blog!! lol

Benny puts himself down a lot, but is equally silly, hillarious and profound all at the same time, which is an amazing thing to master!! We're nearly the same age, and I see a lot of myself in him, which is quite spooky... He's been through some tough, dark times, and is stronger than I ever could be to get through them. He doesn't see how valued he is by everybody else, which is a shame, 'cos we all think he's better than sliced bread!! He is a good writer, no matter what he says on his blog!!

Margo is a really talented writer, already her talent has been recognized with several items of poetry being published. She's a tough cookie to crack, as I feel there's a lot more deep down in her that she hides for fear of failure or rejection, but she reveals her beauty in her quiet manner and her writing, as well as her appearance, though she would never, ever, dream of accepting a compliment like that about herself. (and yes, I know that sentence was too long!!) Her smile is DAZZLING, and when she giggles, I want to wrap her up and send for her via UPS lol. Everytime I see her I smile immediately, and she makes me want to be a better person. She's a very deep person, and still waters definitely do run deep in her... ;)

Ok, that's some of my friends, I'll post more about others later.

For now, congratulate me on how lucky I am!!



  1. I thought recently how much life might be different if people made it their ambitions to spend their efforts totally and entirely loving others. Of course that's much easier said than done. And of course it's not an orriginal thought--"love one another" is a command from Christ. But I thought about how there is obligatory love and another, deeper kind--the kind where people build each other up, delight in each other's company, and spill into each other's lives like strawberries over short cake!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (I couldn't think of a better metaphor. LOL)

    Anyway, I thank you for your friendship, and for the lovely compliments. We share some of the same friends, and I would affirm all the things you've said about them here.

    A lady I met at uni said, "Give as much love away as you can."

    And you know, it's a funny thing ...Btut when you give love away, you find you have twice as much leftover.

  2. Gosh, I think I must be particularly emotional at the moment - you made me cry JM! In a good way. Thanks for the unexpected (and very correct) insights into me. You've no idea how much I appreciate them.

    I love chatting with you too - you're always encouraging, always interested and most of all ALWAYS willing to put your pants on your head to make me (and Arty!) laugh!

    Love you loads mate! :D

  3. *decides not to mention Margo being wrapped up and sent for via UPS...the carrier that asks 'what can brown do for you, Hobbs?'*

    *giggles anyway @ the thought*

  4. I love it that you left me out of this one, JM. It gives me opportunity to compliment myself. *does so.


  5. Well mate, I don't want to say.

    I think you've got the wrong person. *looks at link* oh, you haven't.

    OK OK I know what it is.

    You are clearly a very deluded young man. And as I've read your previous posts and comments made about pants on your head, the evidence confirms it!

    And less of the nonsense about being miles ahead in the race.... its a marathon, and its more about running well than finishing first!

  6. Jm made me misty eyed too. But I wasn't going to confess that publically until I saw that Helen did. LOL

  7. See! I'm just some kind of emotional trendsetter. I knew some good would come out of it somewhere!