Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Truly Scary Moment...

...In work today, here's how it went:

(Val and I in work, really busy in the shop, phone rings)

V: Good morning, (shop name) Val speaking, can I help you?
(listens to callers request, puts phone on hold)
V: Jm, it's your mate Ken for you...
Jm: Ok
(ONE minute of extreme busyness in serving pass, 6 customers are served between us)
(Jm turns to back counter and sees phone off the hook and receiver lying there and looks at it puzzled)
Jm: Did I just answer the phone?! (starting to panic cos he doesn't remember doiing so)
V: I don't think so... (frowning at Jm) Did I?
(we both stare at each other for another full minute with blank expressions of bewilderment on our faces)
Jm: I don't think I did... (hesitatingly now) Did I?! Did You?!
V: Er....
Jm: Um...
V: (takes control even though still completely blank, thinking it's my fault, and saving me the embarrassment) I'll take it off hold an jus pretend I've just picked it up shall I?
Jm: (very hesitantly) Ok...
V: Hello?! (person has gone now obviously)
Jm: (nervously asks) So?!
V: Er... (still blank) no-one was there!!
(both suddenly spontaneously remember the context of the phone off the hook on the back at the same time, and collapse into laughter and uncontrollable guffawing at their own stupidity)
Jm: I'll call him back shall I?!
V: (still laughing loudly) Er yeh!
Jm: Let's not talk about this shall we?!

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