Friday, January 21, 2005

Hobbit's Exciting Trucking Adventure...!

I've got a day off today...

And I'm going to work with my brother, who has the enviable job of driving BIG, MASCULINE, EIGHTEEN WHEEL, CONTAINER TRUCKS...



I may even take some pics, I'll be back much later, around midnite, to tell of my adventures!!

*bursting with excitement*

I've got all the essentials:

  • flask of coffee (industrial strength)
  • baseball bat in cab (for road rage)
  • porn mags (not that I use them, but it's the image, right?!)
  • two days growth (thats a lie)
  • an itch specially developed on my arse so I scratch it every ten seconds
  • Heavy metal albums (metallica mainly for playing loud)
  • A severe attitude problem (had to borrow this temporarily)
  • A very loud wolf whistle for 'da laydeeeeeez' (had to borrow this also)
  • A baseball cap, a string vest, and to set it all off, a serial killer like limp
  • A blank bored stare
  • A drunken girlfriend ringing me up every ten minutes to make me swerve wildly
  • Several bottles of vodka in brown paper bags, to throw randomly out of the window at passers by

I'm a happy man...


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