Sunday, January 23, 2005

Trucking It In Style...!

The pics show you the scale of the Lorry, but what they don't show you is:

  1. the fact that a person of normal, or even tall-ish height can STAND-UP in the cab, because it's that big!!!
  2. the fact that inside the cab you have cupboards, a bed, a fold-out table, etc!
  3. the fact that there is something that is very scary and also a little nerve-racking about being a passenger in this kind of truck!
  4. the fact that the acceleration is so good, without a container and a limiter on the engine, this baby could match speed for speed with most cars within 5/6 seconds...
  5. the fact that my bro can wheel-spin his truck!!!
  6. the fact that the truck has different coloured lights before I get up!
  7. the 500 BHP (Break Horse power) Engine that this monster contains!!!

1 comment:

  1. The truck is totally cool. I'd love to get to drive one of those babies, especially without a trailer on back to slow you down. Great blog, man!