Monday, May 21, 2007

The Pale Rider Visits!!

In case you were wondering at the title, what I mean is it is absolutely DEAD in the shop.

I have served approx 20 or so customers all day.

This is how Mondays should be!!

In the past 30 mins I have eaten approx 12 different varieties of tea-dunked soggy biscuit, and thoroughly enjoyed it!! I don't think the rest of the afternoon will be busy either.

So I'm blogging.

you know that point you reach where it's so quiet that you actually find it hard to think and form coherent thoughts, because the silence is deafening?


well, you haven't lived then!!

Sometimes silence or quietness, or peacefulness is one of the most powerful things.

On that note, I shall carry on and enjoy my tea and more biscuits!!



  1. Yes, I know ... When I worked at at library, sometimes it was so quiet in there I couldn't even hear myself daydream. ;)

    I used to stare out the window a lot. lol When I was supposed to be working, yeah.

    I miss that actually. It's the one job I've that I LOVED.

    Right ... lunch time!! Food will burn if I don't go now!! lol

  2. 12 tea-dunked soggy biscuits in 30 minutes?

    Yuck. No, I'm sorry, that really is vile.

    What's DJ been teaching you? *tears out hair*

  3. rofl I was dunking biscuits in tea when DJ was in nappies rofl, and very probably before you were born!! lol :p

    *suddenly feels ancient*


  4. By the way, I'd like to point out that I succesfully ate the soggy biscuits BEFORE they fell in to my cup of tea!!

  5. Well I don't think it's vile, as long as I'm not the one doing it. :p