Monday, August 20, 2007

Excitement Builds!!!

Well, it's been another busy weekend that's over...

I had another friend's wedding on saturday that i was playing at again, but unfortunately I felt far too tired by the time it came to go to the evening do. So, I decided to stay in instead, which is probably a bit naughty of me, but I reckon I need to conserve as much energy as I can this week, because I'll use alot of it up on saturday with rushing round like a headless chicken and generally panicking...

yes, that's right... on saturday i flight out to stay with Margo and her family for two weeks!!! I'm ridiculously excited, and to keep me from too much panicking about flying to the states and all the excitement that will bring, I decided to pack ridiculously early today as I had a lieu day off work. I did all my washing yesterday, and spent most of the entire day today simply just ironing two weeks worth of stuff ready. I packed my suitcase at about 4:30/5, and have now finished packing except for a pair of combats I was wearing which I changed out of and have now washed and need to iron as I'm taking them with me.

Apart from that, and the addition of toiletries, etc, I'm all done!!!

Yes it is way in advance, but I'd rather have it that way. I've never been on a journey this long before, and am a bit nervous about being on a plane for 8 hours, but packing early has helped some of the nervousness.

Well, I'm off to iron this last pair of combats, and then go and talk to a pretty american lady I'll be seeing in approximately 5 days!!!!

:D :p


  1. You do realise that you'll just have to iron everything again when you get to the states?

    Or do you like the fold lines in your clothes? :P

    Have a great time!!

  2. Haven't you noticed, creases in clothes fall out when you wear them anyway. So ironing is a pretty pointless thing to do...unless it's something special.

    And are you sure you've finished packing?

    And have a nice time!

  3. Um, my question is what you're going to be wearing between now and Saturday?!?!!?

    Very excited for you and Margo meeting each other, by the way!

  4. I'm now worried by Helen's question :s please don't go on cam lol

  5. ROFL @ everyone. *Graciously sidesteps the ironing comments.*

    8 hours on a plane is kind of weird. If there's a good movie on I'd watch that because it kills 2 or 3 hours. I also take a book and try to read at least half of it, and I take a journal or notebook to write in. Sometimes I talk to the people next to me, but sometimes they are too scary. ;) I find it goes faster than I expect every time ... I almost never sleep but I try. :p

  6. Leaaaving on a Jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again ...

  7. Dont forget your toothbrush when it comes to toiletries, the flight will be ok, the furthest i have flown is four hours and it lasted ages!!!!, haha im jokin , well my freind, i am so excited for you ,i wish i was meeting margo i think she is great, and you are great too, and even greater you both meeting up, god bless and a safe journey x

  8. lol I'd like to point out that i am not taking my entire wardrobe of clothing on holiday with me!!!

    I have some scruffy jeans and tshirts that im not taking, so i am wearing them lol

  9. urghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! you minger :P

  10. Thank you for pointing out that you're not walking around NAKED until Saturday. Maybe the nightmares will now stop....

  11. lol!!

    *is slightly concerned that Helen dreams about him being naked... but only slightly...* :p rofl!!!!

  12. rofl JM your friends are almost as nutty as you!

    I did say ALMOST!

    And I do hope you are not in your scruffs at work! you will put the customers off!! (remembering the first time I ever set eyes on the hobbit all poshed up in shirt and tie in the bookshop)