Monday, August 06, 2007

DIY Miracles, Sweatiness, & Sleep Ickiness!!


It's True.

You may have heard the rumours, and I can confirm, that they are, in fact true.

On Sunday afternoon, I, the cack-handed, DIY-challenged reprobate that was known as the king of accidents and disasters of a DIY nature, managed to put together the flat-packed DVD/CD Cabinet that I bought recently, ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!

I, of course am rather pleased with this triumph, and will post pictures to prove it shortly.

It took me all afternoon, as it was not a simple shelf creation, but it has sliding glass doors and resembles a cabinet, with adjustable shelves!!

This victory over the demon of bad DIY cannot be underestimated, and I fully intedn celebrating it all week, and using it to spur me on when I buy new bookshelf cabinets in a few months time!!

(my present bookshelf is literally falling apart... I had a minor mishap involving me trying to reach for something, falling off a revolving chair, trying to grab a shelf to stop my fall, and the shelf snapping in two, and all the books falling on my head... it was not a pleasant experience, but I guess it would have been hillarious to see...)

During this afternoon of DIY adventure, i suddenly realised how much i sweat. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but when I get very hot or active, I sweat worse than a horse... Seriously, it's disgusting!! It literally pours off me, and within seconds I can have soaked through the shirt or tshirt I'm wearing!! I really couldn't believe how sweaty i got on sunday simply hammering in some divets and screwing in some screws and holding (fairly) large pieces of wood whilst doing it. It was hot on sunday afternoon, but that's besides the point!!

You should see me at the gym, it's gross lol

If I do end up married, I will be amazed, as I really am deep down a minging minger lol

In other news, i have been waking up with a LOT of sleep sticky stuff in my eyes this week. I don't know if it's because I wear contact lenses and some of the solution solidifies overnight, or whether it's just because I've been so tired lately, but I'm fairly sure it's not the beginnings of conjunctivitus, because I've had that before. I think it's just a sign that I'm a bit tired and run down this week, maybe a bit of a warning for me to slow down a bit.

Oh well, I've bored myself now, I'm off to snap photos of my DIY masterpiece!!


  1. I like your use of the words 'minor mishap.' It sounds like a major mishap to me.

  2. I'm at a loss for words but I had to leave a comment.

    Stepping gingerally around some of the rest of the post ... I will just say I am very proud of your DIY achievment. :D

  3. What ... no severed fingers and trips to the emergency room!? Damn ... watch out Bob Vila!

  4. JM has now hit the slippery slope, soon he will be on first name terms with people in homebase and B&Q .....I'm very worried about him

  5. Hah!

    Nossie - it was minor cos nothing was broken.. (I think!) though my left ankle has been quite swollen today lol

    Margo - whaddya mean gingerly? you're not ginga your brunette... aren't you?! *shocked* ;)

    MdMhVonPa - nope thankfully Im not Bob yet lol

    Anne-Marie - no chance lol Im not balding or trying to compensate for anything!! ;) :p

  6. Brunette?
    I resent the word.
    I am neither blond nor brunette.
    I am dull gold
    I am soft brown
    I am fair
    I am green eyed
    I am crooked browed
    I am dark blond,
    dish water blond,
    dirty blond,
    but never merely blond
    or brunette.

    -untitled poem by me

  7. er ok...

    *stands corrected*