Monday, April 21, 2008


Mytalented sister is at it again.

Her friend (Jay Norton) has produced one of her songs and given it an electro/dance feel, and it's so good, I honestly would buy it. It sounds incredible, I'm trying to encourage her to send it to Radio 1.

Anyway, before I brag anymore about my sister, here's the link:

Ruth's Player

The song is called How Long, though she has other songs of hers on there.

How Long just blows me away, it's so professional!

Go Ruth!!!!!!



  1. first can i say.... WOW your sisters Hot! is she single?

    secondly can I say.... WOW your sisters talented! (in both senses of the word)

    is she a christian? (if so may be able to get her some performances in the future)

    is she single? (if so read on)

    is she desperate/fussy? (if no read on)

    can u set us up? (if yes text me if no then £$%^&*)

    hope your well.

  2. lol Morety!

    That's not the best way to ensure you get on with me by telling me my sisters hot!!

    lol anyway, to answer your questions:

    1. She isn't a christian
    2. I can guarantee you wouldn't be her type because... how can I phrase this delicately? - You're the wrong gender...
    3. She is very fussy and she wouldn't overlook the gender thing!
    4. Stop calling my sister hot!!!! *narrows eyes*