Friday, April 11, 2008


It's 7:30, I'm up and about to pour (decaffeinated) coffee into my tired body, and prepare to go to work.

I'm normally more of a morning person, but this week it's been an effort. Thankfully today I feel a little better, though I have a very busy day ahead of me. I've got a rep first thing, and then I have to chase up two Bookstalls for two Events, get on top of all the shop accounts invoices and paperwork (I did the majority of it yesterday thankfully!) and then stop for some lunch.

Then, I have another rep in the afternoon, Timesheets for all my Part Time staff to do so they get paid at the end of this month, arrange a Leaving Interview for one of my staff who is retiring next week, prepare all the paperwork and training documents for her replacement; then I have a brief interview at our local BBC Radio Station to talk about the Promotion we're running as a chain at the moment "Bibles For India".

The basic idea is that we're encouraging people to give us all their spare/old Bibles so that we can parcel them up and send them to our brothers and sisters in India, many of whom don't have their own copy of the Bible.

Hopefully we'll get a good response after the interview starts airing from Sunday onwards!!

I hope I don't start to fall asleep by that stage in the afternoon!!


  1. No caffeine?! What man, are you insane!?

  2. I love you. :) You're doing great, honey. I am so proud of how hard you work.

  3. MdMh - Yes, I actually am, you've only just noticed?!

    My consultant has told me to cut out 90% of my caffeine intake cos apart from the brain-eating disease, that's also what's causing my "problems down under" if you get what I mean!!