Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I laugh at my naivety!!

I was chatting as usual on christian chat, and a totla stranger I'd not talked to before pm'd me and asked if I wanted to pnp...

Now, I've always thought that pnp was to do with music downloading, but apparently not lol.

I explained in the course of the very strange conversation we had, that I normally only pm people I'm comfortable with and have chatted to before, and even then I don't tend to do it much. She kept persisting though, and made some bizzarre comments about me looking like mark Wahlberg! (apparently that was a compliment lol) Eventually I gave up and started chatting to her, and she kept saying do you want me to switch my cam on? I kept saying to her "if you want, I'm not really that bothered" lol.

Lol I only found out later by talking to a friend, that pnp tends to mean something other than chatting and usually involves cams!! Lol I'm glad now I got a bit fed up with her and said "No offense but I don't know you, would you stop going on about your cam" lol

She presumbably got fed up of trying to "seduce" me in an internet sort of way, and gave up lol.

I find it really funny that someone at my age and experience in life can be so naive about some things, I guess I'm not so much of an internet nerd as I thought I was!!

Now if someone says pnp, I will run a mile down the broadband cable connection lol

As my friend said "she was probably ugly anyway"...

rofl rofl


  1. I've been boppin' about the internet for a good 20 years now and I have no idea what pnp means either ... might have something to do with my more professional approach to the technology behind it ... go figure ... rotflmfao ;P *)

  2. Hiya Hobbs! I wish I had been there to generally laugh and poke fun at you, but as it is you made the mistake of directing me to your blog...so I'll just do it here to save time. :p

    Good luck tomorrow with the interview, yeah?! I'll be praying for you.

  3. mdmhvonpa - apparently I've now discovered in that particular context it stands for "Party & Play" and is too seedy for me to go into... (well in my opinion anyway) It's a common phrase on adult sex sites apparently, though I didn't research it too much as I'm not into that kinda thing!!

    arty - :) no problem, i poked fun at my own naivety fior days an had a laff at myself on countless occasions, hehe! My isn't on weds, I just had to ring up then, but thankyou for the prayer support!!

  4. I meant to say my interview isn't on weds... that sentence should make sense now!!