Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cold Call Scamming?!

Ok, this is definitely a first.

Once, there was the socially-maladjusted spotty herbert schoolboy genius who came up with the unthinkable idea of ringing people up in the middle of their dinner to sell insurance policies to them by pointing out the supposed faults in others.

Next, came the equally spotty but slightly more advanced techie who thought of using sms messages, and acquired the whole shebang of glistening, shiny new metal machines to do his evil bidding at lightening speeds, informing people they needed to keep in touch with their friend using acdotuk or whatever it is, and charging them per message.

Then, came the rather dull pointless scam on email.

Yes people, it has finally happenned!!

I can excitedly tell you, you, my audience of avid readers, that I have been scammed by a company telling me about account details lost from a Bank that I've NEVER had an account at!!!

Oh deary me.

I might have been slightly convinced of your email, rushing to click on the external link in a debt-stricken panic, IF, and I mean IF I had ever had an account at the said bank. You may need me to confirm details of my account number, but I'm afraid my intelligence is only limited to remembering account numbers I actually own and use.

Yes, yes I know it's a damn shame, but that's the way it is.

So, in future, if you really want to scam me?

Can I suggest you pick a bank that I've actually joined, or at least had an account at in the past?

Thank you.

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