Friday, September 21, 2007


I am going to blog more photos and stories about my visit to Meg, but have not found enough time to do it with being back at work and then chatting to Meg in the evenings...

I am off tommorrow, so after a hearty unhealthy fry up breakfast tomorrow, I'm going to blog alot!

I'd just like to say that I'm very happy at the moment. Not in a sugar-coated sickly way, but genuinely happy and grateful to God for what He's done in my life lately, and the ways He's proved His love to me. So many little ways that I could go on all night.

But I won't!!

There's lot's of things materially that I want and I could have eventually, but most of all I want to know Jesus more, and know more the depth of His love, for me and others. I've been increasingly aware of how much he paid for me lately, and how the ways in which I live life in an almost blinded defeatist way, waking up and waiting for "fate" or something. But God isn't like that.

Really, when you look at the heart of the message of the Bible, God is Good, and he loves.

he loves me, and He loves you and wants us to know that great love.

That's worth living for!!

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  1. I didn't see this until tonight (sat.) I'm glad you're happy. I hope you're still happy!! You made me cry tho. Stupid blog. ;)