Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moose-Sighting Adventure Part IV!!!

We finally drove a bit further from Misery Pond, and looked for places to stop that would be good for a sighting. Meg's Dad told me that Moose come out at dusk, and they come near bodies of water so they can drink.

They're notoriously shy of human contact and are rumoured to be very hard to see, so Jim didn't promise anything!! We found a place that looked promising, as it was near a large-ish lake/pond, and it was a little off the beaten track, in fact the van we were in barely had enough space to get down as it was a single track road.

We found a place that was part marsh part pond and pulled in to the side of the road, and climbed out of the van and each chose a perch near the bank to sit still and be quiet. Nat & Phoebe being the adventurers that they are, climbed into a nearby tree whose branches were overhanging the lake, and wound together into a cool almost tree house naturally.

I wasn't as confident as Meg on my tree climbing or balancing skills, so I let her climb in beside Nat and took a picture!! After that, Meg climbed down again and we sat on a stray limb that was near the ground, watching the other side of the pond for any sign of moose...

Here you can see through the trees to the other side of the pond that we were watching in total silence, all you could hear was the angry buzz of insects flying about and the crickets and grasshoppers chirping. It was so silent there that I got a fit of the gigles, and meg had to poke me to be quiet! lol!

It was at about this point that I felt a strange sensation on my forearms and then realized that a Mosquito army had come in force to place it's claim on Brit flesh!! I was covered with the things, both large and small, and for the next two weeks I kept noticing new and bigger itchy bumps that appeared randomly all over my body! I'm not sure if they just got everywhere, or whether it was the case that I just reacted to the bites, but from that night on (the Tuesday!) I kept applying myself with generous amounts of moisturising cream in the evenings, which is when it seemed to be at it's burning and irritating worst!

This again was a really beautiful and unspoilt quiet place, and I didn't see any other people around at all, and it was nice to sit there in the undisturbed silence, even though I was bitten to death by midges and mozzies!!

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  1. I thought you had to poke me to get me to stop laughing. Oh well all the poking and laughing is relative at this poinit ... :p
    Your pictures are very nice. :) And I'm glad the insect bites went away after you got home!!!!