Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I've learnt today...

  1. That rumous start from the simplest comment mis-interpreted
  2. That washing up is actually FUN whilst listening to Coldplay
  3. That the best language to share is not english but friendship
  4. That COOKED celery tastes YUMMY!!
  5. That the best tasting food ALWAYS makes a mess when preparing
  6. That laughter really is the best medicine
  7. That I have zero knowledge of grammar
  8. That I also have zero knowledge of punctuation
  9. That my wife is (nearly!) always right
  10. That I like vanilla coffee
  11. That stuffed toys can be cute AND funny
  12. That I don't like Jonathan Edwards (the theolgian)
  13. That Reading is good for you
  14. That the best condiment with a good meal is good conversation
  15. That you shouldn't have to work at love, but you do have to!
  16. That Bebo Norman is excellent for chilling out to!
  17. That TV rots my mind and my heart when I let it
  18. That dishwater used to wash home-cooking dishes gets dirty REAL QUICK!!
  19. That wherever I am in the world, I want to be with Meg
  20. That sometimes our biggest fear is fear itself.

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