Monday, November 19, 2007

Ok I'll admit it... I'm rubbish!!

Ok, so I haven't blogged for a while, and even when I have they've been sporadic.

I have lots of thoughts about many things tumbling through my head, and lately it's been difficult to just pin one down to write about, so tell you what...

I'll tell you what I've been thinking about today!!

(Read at your own risk: the owner of these thoughts does not take liability for any mental illness that may result.)

JM's Thought List For 19/11/07:

  1. Bother!! I've run out of shaving gel! (7:03am)
  2. Where are my socks? (7:35am)
  3. Have I got time for a cup of tea?! (8:10am)
  4. Bother! I'm late for work!!! (8:15am)
  5. Should I be worried that I'm thinking about money all the time now?
  6. Does God know how stressed I am?
  7. Will I cry at my wedding?
  8. Does God know what it feels like to be lazy?
  9. Is fire in the context of talking about Hell, more of a picture of refining, or is it a picture of punishment?
  10. Will God enjoy torturing people? If so, do I want to worship a God like that?
  11. Am I being blasphemous thinking this?
  12. Am I going mad?
  13. Is God laughing at me with all these questions, or am I making Him mad?
  14. Will I ever stop this incessant talking to myself in my head, or will I drive myself terminally insane and just murder someone with a large rubber axe someday?
  15. Why does my sister have (sometimes) bad taste in music?
  16. Why does my Boss get all het up about stuff that really isn't important?
  17. What does it feel like to have no hope?
  18. Can I get away with eating four twixes without anybody noticing they're gone from the biscuit tin?
  19. Will my bladder ever work properly?
  20. Howq come I prefer tea over coffee now? Is it just because of megan's influence, or is it my mothers?
  21. How can I lose more weight?
  22. Could I ever take the plunge and move to the states?
  23. What will my wedding be like?
  24. Will the weather be good?
  25. Will I be boiling hot in a suit?
  26. Can we get it all organised and ready before Aug 16th?
  27. Will I get this job?
  28. Am I insecure?
  29. When will I have kids of my own?
  30. Is my life ordinary?

These are some of the crazy random thoughts I had today...


  1. Hiya my dear. :)
    You are not insane, but you are not ordinary. ;)

    Have wondered that about God 'torturing' people before. Have also wondered over and over why he doesn't save everyone. Will never understand that.

    Am sorry you are so stressed. I know most of the time it's me complaining about being stressed and I should think about you a bit more. You are under a lot of pressure right now. Ehen I pray I pray for you. xxxx

    Everything will come together. :)

  2. Everything will come together...

    That's a beautiful phrase, not so much to the person it's being told to, but in retrospect goggles, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

    One of my random thoughts was why are the first few thoughts of yours time-stamped and the others not?

  3. I'm sure it will hun, it just doesn't seem that way sometimes!

    Arty - It's because those thoughts I remember having at those particular times, and most of the other thoughts were at work, where I'm much much busier!!


  4. Yes, I know. It doesn't seem like it MUCH of the time.

    I recommend folding socks. Good stress reliever. :p

  5. You did well to remember/pin down all those thoughts to blog about them! I've never tried to remember my thoughts - I dont think they have chance to form properly at the moment, I get just on the verge of forming something really profound then get disturbed by my arling daughter screaming!!!

    So did you get away with eating the twixs without being caught out???!!!

  6. Well i feel very relieved now that i'm not the only one who has all strange kinds of thoughts.

  7. nah I didn't get caught!! ;)

    (and I got away with 12 (yes TWELVE!!) custard creams as well!!!!!!

    I'm such a pig!!!




  8. Jm ... :o

    You asked how you could loose more weight lol