Monday, July 31, 2006

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly...

I got home from work at 9, and vegged in front of the tv.

I feel knackered and run down.

I hate month-end accounts.

I will blog more on the idea/progression of the idea of Hell tommorrow.


'Workin' 9 To 5' - NOT!!

I'm still at work.

I owed my boss 2 and a half hours as I left early one day last week to go to the Doctors to get the anti-biotics for the abcess I had.


It being the last day of the month, and the day of my usual stress-head doing the month-end accounts, I've decided to stay late and do them, while having my pick of music to listen to from the shop....

No distractions, no customers, no noise.


Accounts-done-in-a-mellow-way here I come!

Hell, it's only Hell!!

Every first Wednesday in the month, we abandon our small/house groups and all meet up in church for our appropriately entitled "Wednesday In The Word", which is basically where we invite a speaker to talk on a broad subject and then open the evning out to questions and discussion.

I'm quite looking forward to this one, because it's on the subject of "What does the Bible say about Hell?!".

Ever since I read Brian W McLaren's Theology Trilogy - "A New Kind Of Christian", "The Story We Find Ourselves In" and "The Last Word & The Word After That", I've been struggling with the whole traditional evangelical stance on the idea of hell and what/when/where it is...

Brian got me intrigued and disturbed as he seemed to be taking apart and deconstructing everything I had previously believed about the subject, as he has an annoying habit of doing!! I decided to look into it myself, by doing some study on the words "Gehennah" and "Sheol", the first being used by Jesus for the word that we translate as "hell", and the second being used in the Psalms and most of the Jewish Scriptures to refer to the place of the dead, and the state of being dead.

What I found out was interesting and again provoking, and when it comes to the question part of wednesday evening, I have some questions for the speaker that he may not like!!

My church is a good, Bible-believing Baptist church, but I've become increasingly frustrated that they have some very very traditional views. Their whole teaching structure is based round the fact that Jesus came to save us from hell, and although this is not strange for a baptist church to teach, I think it is not neccesarily the whole Gospel, and not actually what Jesus came to do at all.

Anyway, I'm going to be late for work, so I have to stop here and carry on this line of thought tonight when I have more time....

Any comments so far?!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


p.s, if you clicked on them and were intensely bored by either of those links, I apologise.

Normal service will be resumed shortly...


I've decided, that in terms of theology, generally speaking, I am a Partial Preterist. If you want to know what that is, or can be bothered, click on the word and look it up... I also have decided (in the words of my dad) that I am a Pan Millenialist... I believe the bible says it'll all pan out in the end... (which if you realise, is a phrase adapted from the days of the Gold Rush, where the bad stuff was panned out from the Gold, which if you really think, is what the Bible says about the Final Judgement anyway!!)

For those of you who get very confused about revelation and the whole "end times" thing, look up this link. It will either make the differing opinions clearer or confuse you more!!)

So.... there you go.

This may or may not concern some of you, and may lead some of you who read my blog to think I'm going straight to hell...


Friday, July 28, 2006

Harsh But Fair

Joking aside, sometimes I am an idiot, and I excede myself. If you're not ready for something, you're not ready, and however it hurts someone's feelings you should say. My only regret is that I didn't say sooner, and maybe I would have caused less hurt.

If something is intensely personal, I don't always write about it here, but yes I did have a girlfriend that I didn't blog about, yes I ended things last night, and yes, in this particular situation, I am the one in the wrong and an idiot.

That's all I'd like to say about it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reason No. 7532807525895432 I Am An Idiot...

I left my window open.

It is dark outside.

My light is on in my room.

Therefore it is light inside.

This makes all the creepy crawlies and long legged horrible things want to come in.

They do.

Now I have to share my room all night with them.



One advantage of the last couple of days has been that I've got to watch a few films, which is always a good thing. Even if they're bad, (and they sometimes are) at least they tell me what not to watch next time!

However, I have been fortunate, in that most of the films I've watched have been good ones. The night before last, I saw '13 Conversations About One Thing', and I LOVED it. It reminded me in some ways of '21 Grams', although the conclusions were obviously different. '21 Grams' in one of it's many sub plots, broaches the subject of forgiveness, transformation and faith, and 13 Conversations covered the issues of materialism, happiness, and faith. Both also portrayed the effects and consequences of guilt, which is the main subject of Christian Bale's film 'The Machinist'. All these and also the issue of racism is covered in 'Crash', which has got to be one of my all-time favourite films.

These are my four favourite films of all time, because they provoke a response in me as a human being. All of these films try to look at the way that even though we don't realise it, we are all connected to each other in ways we can't begin to comprehend, and they all point to something greater behind it all. I love the way these films make me think about my own life, and the opinions, prejudices and choices I own everyday.

What started me thinking on all this was the taxi driver I was talking to on the way to the doctors to get my prescription. Somehow (and I don't remember how) we got onto the subject of why things are like they are, and he started down a road I didn't want to go down. He made a comment about "immigrants" bringing change into Britain, and making things worse, and causing delays in lot's of things, needless to say I don't want to repeat it here partly because:

a. I don't want to be accused of mis-representing him, and ;

b. I didn't agree with what he said.

Yes immigration is a problem we have to deal with, and I'm not pretending there are easy answers, but surely we have to see people as people, not bringers of problems or misery or disease or "lowered standards". The people we talk about when we use the word "immigrants" or "assylum seekers" are flesh and blood just like you and I, and what separates "them" from "us" is very little. They ahve families, they have dreams and goals, they have hard and joyful times, they need love and acceptance just like us. Whenever one group of people or race blame another for their problems, I believe God is saddenned. Evil is a lack of goodness, not the other way round.

Yes, there are those who are not genuine, there are those who play the system to get all they can, but there are people who were born here and have lived all their lives here who do that, I can see that in a few (and i mean a few not lots) of the customers who come into my mum's post office for their benefits. I know Immigration is a big issue, and I don't want to be a bleeding heart liberal, or a staunch stoic conservative, or a bomb throwing radical for that matter. What impressed on me most from these films is that we're all connected. Whether we realise it or not. And the sooner we realise that, the better we can work together.

Ok I know that sounds a bit simplistic, and in a way it is, but if we start to aim for the impossible, we can at least go some of the way to achieving it. As A Christian, I believe God's Kingdom will be the greatest multi-racial/multi-cultural event ever. We'll be amazed by who's there and who's not. The amazing thing for me is, that I don't know who will be there and who won't, only God does, so I can give up trying to label and judge. He only gives guidelines that it will be those in Him. And that's a label big enough to include everyone if they want it.

Sorry to get deep and sound like a softie liberal, but ignore what I say, go and watch these films and make your own conclusions. When Jesus gave the parable of the Two Sons, the film 'Crash' immediately reminded me of it.

Anyway, time to finish, I've rambled on for long enough.

What are your favourite films and why?


Yeh I know, not original but at least descriptive...

Wednesday was my day off, which was a good thing, because fatigue struck me like a sack of wet sand to a midget. I woke up briefly in the morning only to roll over and go back to sleep again, because trying to keep my eyes open with sheer will power felt like trying to climb Big Ben wearing a pair of slippers and holding a cheesey string...

Yeh, I was tired.

But more than that, not just tired, also lacking motivation, and lacking desire of any form...

for anything.

Just waiting to fold myself back into the cosy oblivion of unconsciousness.

That feeling has stayed with me so far this week, though not with the same level of tiredness. Twice I've attempted to go to the gym, and twice I've procrastinated. I've worked hard during my work time, and then when I've got home, just collapsed. I've found that reading is my only solace, and social interaction is something I want to run from when I'm feeling like this. I just can't be bothered being friendly or pleasant, so to avoid people I find is the best cure. John Grisham and I can interact over a southern newspaper-owner's story and the life of his small town, but that's about it. (the book I'm referring to is this. p.s. - don't read all the way down the link page if you want to read the book)

I spent most of the day in bed, finally to drag myself out in the middle of the afternoon and take a shower and at least pretend to be normal. As I gazed in the mirror I decided that part of my 'apathy episode' as I like to call it, might benefit my wallet, as I've decided I can't be bothered to get a haircut and would just let my hair grow to whatever length it decided.

Added to the tiredness/fatigue this week was also the delightful appearance of an abcess on my right lower jawbone. I had a tooth removed two months ago because of the very same painful problem, and my heart (but unfortunately not my ever expanding jaw) sank when I realised it may be the same thing again, but on the opposite side of my jaw. I've lost two teeth recently, both thankfully on the side, so there isn't a huge gaping hole when I smile, only when I grin largely, which does tend to happen to me quite a bit. I don't really want to lose the tooth, but after several phonecalls and visists to different places, (my dentist is on holiday and not back till the 9th august would you believe!!) I finally saw sense and went to my doctors who prescribed some anti-biotics.

Hopefully they should bring the swelling and the infection down, but it's still very painful. I now have to find a dental emergency clinic so that they can find the hole in the tooth, and plug it. I haven't found one exploring with my tongue, but it must be there somewhere to have caused this. Ah well, that's more money down the drain this month I couldn't have planned for.

I took the first tablet straightaway, encouraged by the raging burning in my cheek, and the knowledge that this stuff actually works, and did work last time!! I'm due to take the second tablet at 10, before I go to bed. I've being trying to get earlier nights this week, to try and recoup my energy levels, and so far it seems to be working. Having soaring temperatures at night doesn't seem to help though, as I frequently find myself waking up in a pool of sweat, no matter what I do: open the window for a breeze/close the window because of the trains, leave a sheet off because it's too hot/put it back on because I'm sweating and have gone cold, leave the door open to get a breeze/get woken up by the door slamming due to the same breeze...

I can't win.

I guess I have to admit defeat to Mother nature and conceed that for the moment, she rules.

Add to that the pain of my jawbone, and my nights are quite disturbed, although one advantage of fatigue is that even when suddenly woken, you slip into unconsciousness much faster!

I guess I should be thankful for that...

Saturday, July 22, 2006


"Fatigue is the best pillow." ~Benjamin Franklin

On that note.... Goodnight!

Friday, July 21, 2006

All Things New...


That's right.

I've done it, I've changed my blog template because every one else seems to be and I don't want to be left out... This design is much more mellow and I like it, I hope all my readers do. (I'm pretending to be more adult, sophisticated and mature, but I forgot about my profile picture!)

Oh well.

Can't blame me for trying!!

People who make my day and who make me late for work!!

These are the people whose blogs I read nearly every day, and am entertained, awed, and inspired by,,, All of them seem to have exciting lives because none of them live anywhere near me! Here is my brief introduction to them all:

First, my all-time favourite is Valancy Jane.

She's a half jewish/irish/los angeles receptionist who posts roughly about 1,345898623675432 posts a day, (!) and writes about everything, and I mean everything!! She has a really positive attitude to her life, and she seems to squeeze out of it as much as she can. (She is the living embodiement of Carpé Diem!)

VJ likes to notice things that others don't, and she very often benefits in her inner life because of it. She brings a smile to my face on most days, if not a chuckle! Her friends and all those she loves are very important to her and she takes the time often to appreciate them. I would imagine meeting her in "real life" would be a bit like walking into a mini hurricane that both takes your breath away with its intensity and speed, and also leaves you with a feeling of awe lol.

Second in my list would have to be Thérèse. She's an extremely intelligent Egyptian-Canadian, (she's an engineer, what can I say!) and mind-blowingly hot, although she does have an obsession for shoes which, obviously, as a guy I can't really understand...

She is VERY funny, and I find myself laughing out loud sometimes on reading her posts! Her family and friends are also most important to her. She comes from a completely different culture to me, both ethnically and socially, but I think if we met in real life we would get on well, as she is nuts, but in a non-threatening way! I think if she had a previous life, she would have been VJ's sister!

Next, is Ike. Ike is the very first vlogger I came across, and his videos are always entertaining and make me laugh alot. He's a Canadian who lived in L.A. for a year before seeing the light and moving back to his homeland, (!) and has met both VJ and Thérèse, (lucky guy!) and I've learnt loads about his part of Canada from watching the vlogs he offers up to the web.

He's celebrating his first anniversary of vlogging this week, so go pay him a visit and check out why I think he's one of the best vloggers I've had the pleasure of watching. (p.s. I don't visit his blog as often as the others because I subscribe to his vlogs through I-Tunes Podcasts. Go to his blog to find out how you can too) He again has a positive outlook on life and likes to be silly!

If you have an attraction for Bristol and like to laugh and watch Formula One and read poetry, then Lozza is the blogger for you. This nutty Bristolian likes to write about life, the universe, chocolate, her body parts, her friends and God!!

And if that's not enough for you, she also is an avid watcher of B.B. and Desperate Housewives!! Need the latest scoop on the show or who'll be evicted, or the timings for Schumacher's latest attempt at qualifying?! Ask Lozza! Her faith is very important to her, and she finds new ways all the time to talk about it. You'll find mentions of her friends, family and her church life all on here.

Ah. Next there is the undefinable Jonny. I really have no words to describe or label him, which I'm sure would absolutely delight him! Each day he brings a new thought or concept or musing or musical suggestion to blow my small infantesimable mind.

He brings chaos to the world, and at the same time orders into one of his own making. He likes to write about everything and even writes about things you can't write about, namely "nothing", which ironically when you think about it, is something.

I occasinally come very close to wetting my pants with excitement when I read his blog. I know that I'm guaranteed for his blog to neverbe predictable, which normally would be predictability in it's own way, but in Jonny's case, definitely isn't.

These are the first few blogs in my list, I will move on to others in my next post!!

As Captain Jean-Luc Picard said "Engage!"...

He's so good I actually wonder if he's a myth.

I think he might be.

Quick Adverts Of Shameless Promotion

I've been going online now for roughly about 4 years, and have never really shared the sites I visit, and the places I go when I'm online (which probably would be 24/7 if I didn't have to work lol) So, here are some of the sites I benefit from:

If you're a christian who likes to think about your faith, go here.

It's the Mars Hill Bible Church site that is listed to the right in my list of blogs.

Seriously good sermons to get you thinking, I happen to think they're a brilliant church trying to live out the gospel and incarnate Jesus where they are, but even if you disagree, you'll still get some brain food to make you ponder...

Also, please forgive me, but I don't tend to talk much about having M.S, for reasons which I'll probably go into at a later point. Needless to say, I should, because there may be others out there struggling/dealing with the same things I do.

So... if you haven't heard of it and have M.S, or know someone who does, go here. It's a very informative site and although I don't go on it much, there is an online community of people there who are willing to share their experiences, and to help and support. Alternatively if you don't know what M.S. is and have always wanted to know more, then rid your ignorance and go there also.

Also another site I enjoy is this one.

Actually I chat there quite a bit!! Generally speaking they're good people there, although you always get some strange religious fanatics from time to time. (I use the word religious in the negative sense there!) But, generally good! I go under the name of Hobbit there, unsurprisingly!

Ok that's a small few, I'll do blogs and the people who write them in my next post...


Dear Mr Huge Freakin' Scary Moth...

Please do not try to hibernate inside my clean underwear so that when I put them on you almost make me soil them in fright, and get tickled in places even my mother has not seen in at least 20 years.

You may have escaped unharmed Mr Moth, but I am seriously emotionally and mentally scarred by this event and feel dirty and ashamed now.

I will no longer leave out my clean underwear overnight.

Yours, in therapy;

J.M. Cullen.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ok I Feel Like I'm In The 13466799076th Act Of Dante's Inferno...

All day, I've had the creepy feeling of little rivulets of sweat running down my back as I've worked in the shop. We had one fan in the whole shop, and even with the door open, it reached 32 degrees c inside...

Thank the Lord that my anti-perspirant works, it's bad enough being hot and sweaty, having b.o. to scrae off customers and make them collapse in front of me with the smell wouldv'e been much worse lol

Here in Liverpool, it was hotter today than some parts of the Meditteranean are at the moment...

In fact, in some parts of britain, it was that hot.

Even the animals are enjoying the weather...

Seriously, if you don't believe me, check this out... It's not the Savannah, it's Scotland!!


My complaint wasn't for nothing you know...

Re: Dear British Weather

(this email was sent to me by an extremely mentally unstable person who i know very well ROFL)

Dr Ench (Senior Controller)
British Weather

Dear Mr Cullen,

Thank you for your comments.

I apologise that your normal weather service has been interrupted. The reason for this unexpected turn of events is a Government-sponsored Exchange Programme. Frankly, my office is overrun with indefatigable Mediterranean types who insist that sunny weather will produce happier and healthier citizens. (This is arrant nonsense, as anyone who has spent an afternoon in downtown Los Angeles will attest.)

I have been submitting report after report to the European management team, pointing out that Britain is simply not equipped to deal with such startling quantities of good weather.

For example, air conditioning: British people seem to regard this as a quaint outlandish notion, loosely associated with paper fans and punkah wallahs. As you may be aware, real air conditioning has an effect similar to plunging one’s nether regions into the frozen vegetable section at Sainsburys. This may be achieved by consuming copious quantities of electricity (USA), or by building airy spacious homes with beautiful thick stone walls (Italy, Spain, Greece, etc.) Unfortunately, your average 3-bed semi in Hythe is unlikely to achieve a similar effect by the drawing of curtains. In two millennia of permanent home-building, the Britons have achieved precisely two advances: Double-glazing and the dado rail. Meanwhile, the lost secret of ventilation remains … well, frankly, LOST.

You will forgive me if I do not pass your correspondence to my superiors, as you do seem to imply that the general populace might actually be ENJOYING these barbaric conditions. If Head Office get a whiff of this, I may never see Mrs Gulch or her colleagues again (not so much as a postcard, can you believe it?). My office could be swarming with cologne-drenched Italians for ever more – perish the thought!

However, on a personal note I hope you will accept my thanks for assisting me financially. I had placed a wager with the Head of Norwegian Weather (lovely chap) that no matter how balmy the conditions, at least one person from every British street would complain. Since yours was the last road to remain silent, your letter has availed me of fifty quid, which was much needed. Thank you! Mr Gordon and Ms Schweppes will be gratified, I’m sure. This hot weather does give one a thirst…

Now, if only I had a piazza and a parasol. I wonder if Mrs Gulch would appreciate some company…

Yours, etc.

Everard Ench.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dear British Weather...

I wish to complain bitterly about your upturn this month. I have been a card-carrying Celtic British Citizen for nearly 32 years, and in my life time have had at leat FIVE un-nerving experiences of your misbehaviour.

Medditerranean-style temperatures are NOT what I expect from you. Frequent drinking of bottles of water to replace the multitudes of liquid sweat rolling in torrents down my back is most unpleasant and unexpected. Also unplesant and unexpected is the gregarious and pleasant attitudes of the general public, and plesant smiles of passers-by as I waslk from the station to the train.

What is most disturbing to me is the fact that I have even seen people waiting in queues for buses, taxis, trains and lifts, in short, queueing of any kind, waiting for anything, engaged in smiling and plesant sociable conversations with complete strangers!!

Why must I be made to feel like a leper, scurrying from one place of shade to the next, to avoid ur wrath-filled, pain-filled burning anger? Why must I sadly wave goodbye to my extra limb, the comfort of my soul, my trusty umbrella? When will you end this torture of blinding heat and light, and let me scurry back to the darkness of my rain filled despair?

Where is the driving rain, the overcast sky, the blustering northerly wind? Where can good Celtic fair skinned citizens go for a good soaking and after-moan at home? Where are the exquisitely attuned negative experiences of the British weather system that keeps us in our place, and gives our misery life and breath? Who will we moan at now? When will we ever be miserable again?! I do believe this is the stuff of coup dé tats you do realise! Damn and blast it all, we are expecting a Traditional British Summer for God's sake!!

I hereby inform you that if you do not repent of this attitude forthwith, I will henceforth wear a pair of shorts, and reveal my alabaster-isk skin to the whole world....

THEN you'll be sorry...

Yours Unreservedly Annoyed & Red;

J.M. Cullen

Monday, July 17, 2006

The 'Dubya' Word...

No I don't mean good 'ole George...

I mean "work".


After two whole weeks off, doing what I want, when I want, I have to go back to work tommorrow, knowing that I won't get any more leave till October...


I'm now working for the rest of the week, that's Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday!!! Life's so unfair, I think I'm going to throw a tantrum. Even worse, this week is officially going to be a "heatwave" in the UK, and I'm going back to work... To work in a hot and sweaty shop with no air conditioning, and one fan, and know that it'll get hotter because our false ceiling is made of polystrene tiles which insulate the building...


Im going back to work in the week that all the schools and students at uni finally (if they haven't already!) break up for the summer... That's at least 6 weeks maybe more. Everyone in the whole world will be about to go on holiday, and I'll be left in 2 weeks time unpacking christmas cards... (I kid you not, we get the stock in THAT early!!)

Bah Humbug.

If I didn't have to pay off stuff, I swear I'd quit my job and be a student again.


I hateithateithateithateithateithateithateithateit

There you go... feel better now.

I might go and sit out in the garden tonight and read a book till sunset, and try and squeeze out the last vestiges of holiday that I have left. Yeah I think that's what I'll do.

Ok, moan over.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Something I learned from the bible yesterday

Isaiah Ch 45.

Not really taken much notice of it before, but historically, it was written approx a 100 years before the eventual release of the Jewish people from exile.

The Israelites were freed from their bondage in captivity by a political situation at the time. The then present king of babylon was conquered by a new super-power rising from persia, headed by... you guessed it...


Again let me repeat, Isaiah Ch 45 was written 100 years before this event occurred, and yet God names Cyrus specifically in this chapter as his "annointed one" (p.s. this is where we get the word messiah from), the person who will subdue other nations and build a kingdom of his own, but who will return the people of God back to their homeland.:

(quoted from the Message)

"God's message to his annointed, to Cyrus, whom he took by the hand
To give the task of taming the nations, of terrifying their kings-
He gave him free rein,
no restrictions:
"I'll go ahead of you, clearing and paving the road.
I'll break down bronze city gates, (Babylon was known for it's huge beautiful gates) smash padlocks, kick down barred entrances.
I'll lead you to buried treasures, secret caches of valuables-
Confirmations that it is, in fact, I, God
the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.
It's because of my dear servant Jacob,
Israel my chosen,
That I've singled you out, called you by name,
and given you this privelleged work.
(my emphasis) And you don't even know me!
I am GOD, the only God there is.
Besides me there are no real gods.
I'm the one who armed you for this work,
(my emphasis) though you don't even know me,
So that everyone, from east to west, will know
that I have no god-rivals.
I am GOD, the only God there is."

What amazes me about this passage, is not just that I'm sure Isaiah had no idea who God was talking about, because it hadn't happenned yet, but also the fact that it seems to suggest something incredible.

Let me explain:

Cyrus, was known for his conquests, but the real reason behind them was not one of empire buiding, it was because of religious zeal. In the historical record, Cyrus was known for his zeal in following the God Marduk, the babylonian God. His reason for the attack on babylon, was because he wanted to 'liberate' it from the other God worship and re-focus the people's worship on Marduk.

The previous ruler of babylon had, in an attempt to rule sovereignly, demolished all Marduk worship and proclaimed himself worthy of worship instead. People were threatened with death unless they approved this new ruling. Cyrus came and changed all that, and set the people of babylon back to their own worship.

And yet...

God, the God of Israel, Abraham, Issac & Jacob, was using this misplaced zeal for other Gods, to free his people. He had annointed Cyrus to use him for his own plans, even though Cyrus didn't even know him, or acknowledge him! That's what i find amazing in this passage. For the first time in the Bible ever, God admits he's annointed someone who doesn't follow him, so that his purposes for his people can be fulfilled!!

Kinda puts a new slant on the whole "I'm annointed" statement doesn't it?

It's God who annoints with his spirit, not us. Annointing, we can gather from this, is in God's domain, it's not something we can claim for ourselves, though so often in the church we hear people claiming they're "annointed", usually connected with preaching or worship.

Annointing means being "enabled" by God to do the job he's given you and called you to, so it's not just for the "holy people". Whether you play music, engineer, teach, plumb, drive, read, write, play, sort, stack, account for, or report to, you're still annointed if you are trying to follow what Jesus asks and demands of you, wherever you are.

Once again, this part of the Bible demonstrates that God doesn't fit our ideas about him, he decides how he will carry out his plans.

It's something to think about, and has certainly brought up more questions for me.

One thing to think about though, this certainly trashes the idea of "God could never use me".

If God can use a pagan king who hadn't heard of him, he can use just about anybody I would think!!

(Disclaimer: this line of thought isn't original, I happenned upon it listening to this sermon)

Thought Heard From A Podcast...

"Evangelical Christians need to stop being Consumers when they go to church. They aren't who comprises the congregation, who listens and watches... GOD is!!!

Christianity isn't a spectator sport... it's for taking part in..."

Luckier Than A Chocoholic In Cadbury's...

That's me!

On a trip to shropshire/n wales border last week, I managed to fall in the bottom of a waterfall, and yes... you guessed it, my phone escaped my pocket and fell right in to the river, and dissapeared forever...

Fortunately, I was due to upgrade for free because I renewed my contract, so I got a replacement sim card for free, and a brand new phone!

Here it is above.

I'm very happy with it, and no longer feel isolated and alone!!

p.s. , if you know me, and are reading this, and I had your number, let me know by email!

p.p.s. , if I didn't have your number but u think it would be fun for me to have it, feel free to do the same!!
I'm a bit of a phone tart really aren't I?!


The Return...

That's right...

I'm back.

Just like superman, the x-men, flared trousers, bell bottoms, and take that.

I couldn't stay away for too long, my own ego couldn't stand it, and frankly, having watched ike's vlog on meeting therese, I suddenly realised how INCREDIBLY HOT and DAMN SEXY all the people I used to speak to were...

(I was of course referring to ike first, then therese)


Hehe, anyways...

I'm sure there's lot's I could tell you, but because I'm evil, this will have to do for now.


Monday, July 10, 2006