Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Read It, And It Will Come..."

Several strange, debauched and crazy people have complained to me that I left my Autobiography post half-finished...

Yes that's true.

These things need to be thought out and edited and broken down in the soil of my fertile and over active imagination though, so Part II might be a while. I haven't even decided how many parts there will be yet, so please keep complaing/moaning/throwing virtual tomatoes and I will do my best to post Part Two soon... P.S, to the two very observant commentators, no I haven't given the reason for my dilemma over "church", that is becuase im still writing it...

*pulls tongues*

Strange But Good...

Erm... can't think what to write without giving too much away...

Today's been a good day, and I didn't even need to use a plinth!!


(someone knows what that refers to!)

That's Hobbit Code btw...


Over & Out.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Go Engerlannnnnnd!!

Ok chaps, we won, but let's not kid ourselves...

The second half stank!!

We should have had at least another goal lads!

Three points is great for our first game, but we need to pull some more out of the hat next time. Well done chaps, it was hot out there and the ref made a few silly decisions, but overall we did brilliant.

You now have my permission to party.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Sad Day In the Life Of MB's...

This is Hobbit News, coming to you direct from Jm's room, with a startling upset in the current biscuit-dunking championships.

The coffee was hot, the strength prepared, the hand to the ready and then.... we're off!

Straight away, that well known up-market break time snack, "Mr Rich tea" was already off the starting blocks as he lowered his taught yet skinny light body into the coffee... At 2.28 seconds, disaster struck. Rich tea had obviously not improved upon his stamina last time as he broke away to the sounds of pitiful gurgling to the bottom of the cup. "What can we say, we tried!" said a spokesbiscuit later. We thought he was ready and fit to compete, but it seems that he'd gone a little bit stake of late, so when his saturation time drew near, he just crumbled"

Next, came our firm favourite, that wheaten golden boy himself, Mr Digestive. Looking resolute and delicious, he entered the dunking area with a calm sense of assurance, knowing he would be the one left complete at the end... Then, disaster struck! Just at the last moment, his support hand group made a fatal mistake which sent Digestive hurtling into the boiling writhing mass of coffee. Sadly, his remains were never recovered. Digestive leaves behind him 3 mini cheddars and an inconsolate Vienna Sandwhich. He will be remembered for his previous good form and his dissolve. Er... I mean resolve.

Ahem.... anyway....

Next up was our old favourite, Hob-Nob. Hob-Nob has been in the press recently due to some wheat not oat comments made about him recently. "Anti-Oat" protesters may always be around, but it doesn't mean I'll give in to them", said Hob shortly before he slipped at the last minute, plunged into the boiling mass of hot liquid, and hauled himself out with 50% dissolve injuries. "Oats are the reason Im still here" said Hob from his hospital bed the next day. "I will reconstitute and compete next year".

Lastly, was the outsider Malt Biscuit (or M.B. as he likes to be known outside the cup) He looked very confident, almost smug as he dipped himself in cautiously. Rumours have been spreading that his new Chocolate Coat would give him an advantage, but it seems, the rumours were unfounded, as his coat very quickly dissolved and gave way. MB struggled to the side in a state of panic while medics washed him off with some warm milk. "It's a sad day in the history of dunking" said one commentator, the best time is unfortunately not eligible because Digestive could not be found afterwards to award him the medal.

Unfortunately, biscuits were harmed during the making of this season.....

Day 2 in the House Of Pain...

Ok so it's day two of my respite, and so far I don't seem to have got the idea.

I was up till 3-30 am this morning, chatting away to two very lovely ladies on msn and in christianchat. Although I was tired, I decided to get up at 9 this morning, because, frankly, the pain in my shoulder woke me up! I am now slung in my sling, (that sounds rude but I meant my arm!!) and all is well with the world. My plans today are to watch the new version of King Kong, and then have some lunch! It is very sunny and warm here today, so I think I'll do some reading in the garden after lunch...

That's what I call recooperating!

Yesterday I had a good day, relatively free from pain, and my mate Gaz picked me up from home and took me to his mum's for tea. (He's come back from Cape Town for a month to get their house ready to put on the market, as they've decided to stay there now Gen (his wife) has been offered a job with the University. They're emigrating officially as soon as the house is sold in a couple of months, although they've been living there for the past eighteen months.

Spending time with Gaz has made me realise how much I miss him, him and Gen have been very good friends to me, and I'm lucky to have them.

Anyway, am off to watch King Kong, an then have some lunch, bye!!

Monday, June 05, 2006


Sorry I haven't blogged of late, it's just a bit too much effort with one arm free at the moment!

I have fractured my collarbone, and I have to wear a sling for the next three weeks and then go back to the specialist to see if is healing properly. Last week in work was a nightmare, I couldn't do anything, and I had to complete the month end accounts with my left hand, which took me three days!! Serving customers was also a nightmare, and I kept using my right arm without thinking and causing myself pain and various swearwords emanated from under my breath at those points!

The long and short of it is I got so frustrated and sore that I got myself signed off work for all of this week, to hopefully give myself some rest. It's easier at home to slow down and remember not to use my right arm, when I'm not under pressure!

I'm planning to relax and probably read quite alot this week, tho I don't know if I'll blog much, as it takes me so long to type!

Anyway, that's my news, bye for now............